Upgrade your self-care Sunday’s

Run yourself a bath, light some candles, pour yourself a glass of wine and indulge your skin with Bourne Beauty’s, ‘King’s and Queen’s’ 24 Carat gold and Pearl extract face mask ✨

Believe me when I say, this incredibly luxe face mask is the magic cure your skin needs during these harsh winter months. What better way than to treat yourself as the ultimate QUEEN you are, than coat your face in actual gold?!

Encased with Pearl extract to help keep skin hydrated, delay early signs of ageing AND keep any blemishes at bay, this is the best kept secret yet! Each pack contains up to six uses; invite five other friends round for an old-fashioned slumber party, or keep this luxurious beauty all for yourself!

The review

Genuinely the best face mask I’ve ever worn. It has actual gold in it!

The formula is contained within a sachet which keeps the product secure and fresh between uses. The face mask itself comes in a powder form, which needs to be mixed with water to create a thick paste {I used a ceramic pot to mix it in and a spatula to stir with}.

I applied the mask generously {onto cleansed face} to my face, avoiding the eye area.

The smell just oozes luxe and fills your room with this gorgeous, floral scent. If you close your eyes just for a second, you are transported to your favourite spa, drinking in all the calmness and tranquility. I left my mask on for about 15 minutes, until the mask had hardened slightly and I was beginning to lose the movement in my face!

The majority had set perfectly which I was able to carefully peel off but there were areas where I needed to use my muslin cloth {and warm water} to fully remove the mask. Well, once all the mask was removed, let me tell you the shock I had. My skin was just radiating the glow. Sure, I’ve used products that made it glow a little but this was another level. Even as I’m writing this, a whole 24 hours after use, it’s still got the most healthy glow. I feel like a 👑

The actual texture of my skin is so soft and I can definitely feel that the skins elasticity has become tighter. Whatever #bournebeauty have done to this mask, I’m here for it. https://www.bournebeauty.com/product/kings-queens-gold-pearl-face-mask/

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