'To glow or not to glow' collab x Bloom Magazine

As skincare trends come and go, this is something we hope will be around until the dawn of time. Dewy skin or ‘glass skin’ as it is more commonly known, is something I am 100% here for. Embracing our own unique complexions and layering up on all the facial mists and highlighters to achieve the dreamiest, glowing skin. Where it all began It’s time for your history lesson; the year is 332 BC and Cleopatra (Queen of the Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt and all round OG) is said to have used olive oil (the regional beauty staple of Egypt) on her face to achieve a shiny, dewy complexion. As we know, olive oil is an antioxidant that not only our diets can benefit from but also our skin, as it can help to prevent premature aging and acts as an anti-inflammatory and hydrating moisturiser. Thus, the dewy skin trend is born.

Where it developed Flash forwards a billion and one years to 2013 where the glass skin trend broke out in Korea. Korean’s famously known ’10 step skincare routine’ is designed to achieve intensely hydrated smooth skin that looks luminous and translucent and combines a variety of products from oil cleansers, serums, exfoliators, and moisturisers. The secret is OUT! Where we are now We have come a long way since using baby wipes as a makeup remover, sudocream as a spot treatment, and thinking that clogging our pores with a foundation that is four shades too dark for your skin tone looks good!? So really, dewy skin look is the icing on top of the cake! This simple and achievable look has been trending in Vogue, Elle and Allure magazine and something that I know our skin will thank us for. After all, the global pandemic and multiple lockdowns gave us the time to perfect our skincare routines and, get comfortable with our skin, right? What it’s all about It’s all about our bare faces, light-weight make-up and glowing skin being the star of the show. Nourishing our bodies from within with leafy greens, healthy fats and tons of hydration to work it’s magic on our outer glow. IMO, make-up was invented to enhance our natural beauty, period. Here are my tried and tested top beauty tips to be a glow getter:

· Before anything, a vitamin c serum and hyaluronic acid facial mist are your one-way ticket to glowing skin. Add to basket and purchase now!

· Always use a primer before applying make-up (perfect for filling in any tiny creases, pores, flaky patches on your skin) and if you want to be extra, go for an illuminating primer.

· Always remember: less is more. Swap your thick foundations for a tinted moisturiser. Extra moisture is never a bad thing when it comes to your skin and it will create a beautiful base for achieving a dewy sheen.

· Go crazy with the highlighter! Whether you prefer a cream, powder or gel texture is entirely up to you. Highlight the areas your face naturally catches the light: above your cheekbones, bridge of your nose, above your cupids bow and just below your eyebrow arch.

· Illuminating drops are a gift from God. They are a beautiful subtle touch that add warmth and everlasting glow to help finish your look. Super versatile and, can be added on your skin and chest to achieve a glow that will last all day.

We owe it to ourselves to embrace our gorgeous natural complexions and show it off to the world.

Will you be getting on board with this year’s dewy skin trend? Are you a glow getter?

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