My two goodies from this month’s wish list 🤍

So, I’m making it my non-negotiable where I choose two products every month {at random} that I’ve wanted to try for a while, albeit skincare or beauty and write a full product review for you! ✨

This month’s lucky winners are @pixibeauty glow tonic {purchased from boots for only £9.99 for 100ml} and @boots own range of hyaluronic acid serum {£5.00 for 30ml}.

*have been using these products in conjunction with each other in my PM skincare routine.

First up we have the glow tonic. Now, I’ve read some AMAZING reviews on this so this was definitely top of my agenda.

I’ve incorporated it into my evening routine as I do my full skincare routine in the evening (double cleanse, serums, retinols etc) so it just made sense.

Essentially, it’s a liquid exfoliator that shifts dead cells and smooths rough skin texture by its main ingredient, glycolic acid.

I’ve been using this straight after my double cleanse and before all my serums/acids etc. Due to the tonic being a pH dependent product, the order of which you use the tonic in your routine matters.

Well, I am basically sold. My skin type is very much oily/combination and acne-prone so to have this tonic which gently exfoliates AND is a #glowgetter makes me {and my skin} very happy.

My skin is left radiant after EVERY use and it has dramatically helped to balance my complexion.

I have already noticed a huge difference to the refinement of my pores as the acid helps to stimulate cell renewal to create a brighter and clearer canvas.

I will however say that the tonic does leave my skin feeling dry and in need of moisture, hence why I say I use the tonic in conjunction with the hyaluronic acid, to rehydrate my skin after the gentle exfoliation.

Suitable for all skin types. I highly rate this product as the ultimate staple in your skincare routine. A very strong 8.5/10 rating 👏🏼

Ahh my fav {plant-derived ingredient} of all the acids (aside from salicylic). The benefits are endless from helping to reduce the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles whilst retaining moisture to the skin, helping to create a plump effect. We love to see it! When the skin is protected and hydrated {by using hyaluronic} increased cell production can take place as the skin isn’t preoccupied fighting for hydration. All in all, this leads to smoother, plumper skin cells. Yaaaaay!

As I’ve mentioned above, I use the serum virtually straight after the tonic has set in. Making sure I quickly rehydrate my skin after exfoliation.

I used to use a hyaluronic facial spray in the summer as it was something I found so refreshing in my PM routine however, the harsh cold weather can play havoc on our skin, so I felt like I needed a thicker consistency for my skin.

For me personally, this serum is something I’ve loved from the get-go. It sinks into my skin so beautifully and quickly, not leaving any stickiness or oily texture behind. My skin is beyond soft immediately after use and it creates such a nice base so that when my full skincare routine is completely, my face feels so smooth and ‘plump’ {but the good kind of plump!} and fine lines or visible pores I had from makeup etc though the day have disappeared, as if my magic!

Again, I would rate this product a strong 8.5, if not 9, out of 10. I love it so much 😍

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoy trialling these products!

I will be bringing you my monthly product reviews so if there are any products you’d like me to consider reviewing, please let me know!

Have a fabulous Monday. G x

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