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Updated: Feb 11

I think it is about time we take control of our resources and try to be as sustainable as we can be in our day to day lives, are you on board?

Changing your plastic tupperware to metal, refillable water bottles, compostable bin bags… the list of durable alternatives are endless. Today, I am going to be covering a few simple {eco-friendly} swaps you can incorporate in your skincare regime that will keep the planet {and David Attenborough} happy!

It’s said that the average person uses 1,460 pads a year which, over our average lifespan of 79 years, amounts to 115, 340 that ends up at it’s final destination in landfill which is a huge contributing factor to environmental pollution.

Reusable makeup pads {made from bamboo cotton} are the future; kind to skin, durable and eco-friendly, they are a simple, easy swap to make to largely reduce your household waste.

Next up, muslin cloths. If you haven’t heard of them then I’m not sure what planet you’re living on! Face wipes, cleansing pads (whatever you want to call them), are not only your skin’s worst enemy {as the majority contain strong drying chemicals that strip your skin of its natural oils} but are also the cause of 93% of sewer blockages, and end up being laid to rest in our wonderful oceans and beaches… bad news! Muslin cloths are great for the environment and even better for your skin. They exfoliate and buff away any dead skin as well as cleansing your skin – perfect marriage.

Reusable product bottles, reducing water usage, investing in recyclable jars or containers, brands that use minimal or recyclable packaging, are just some small changes you can make to lead a more sustainable life.

Don’t feel like you have to become the new eco-warrior; do what you can and make those changes for you that suit your lifestyle and remember, anything is better than nothing.

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