'Bloom baby, bloom' - my five tips to leading a more positive life.

“Having a positive mental attitude is asking how something can be done, rather than saying it can’t be done.” We all have those days where we just cannot shift those niggly negative thoughts, but that doesn't mean the dark cloud is there to stay. You can read all the self-help books and positivity packed podcasts in the world, but at the end of the day, you have to find the tools that work for you to shift that negativity energy. Let's begin with my five tools that I use to help lead a positive life, whilst keeping those negative thoughts at bay:

1. Find optimism in every 'negative' situation - this is definitely something that hasn't happened overnight, but it is one of the simplest and effective ways I have personally found to build a more positive outlook. When I am in a situation where perhaps it hasn't gone how I'd hoped or it's left a sour taste in my mouth, I sit back and evaluate why and how I am feeling. Ask yourself these questions and find out what lesson it has taught you:-

  • What is a positive/good lesson that has come from this situation?

  • What potential opportunities have come to light from this situation?

No matter what the situation, there is always an opportunity for a positive outcome - you just might have to look a little harder.

2. Be mindful where you give your energy - I don't know if you can relate, but there have been scenarios in my life where you will be in someone's company, and you can literally feel the energy drain out of you. Who you choose to spend your time with and the value they add, is something that can hugely impact your life. In order to enjoy a more positive life, it is important to have influences that support you. It is vital that we recognise and understand where and who these negative influences are coming from by asking and evaluating your answers:-

  • Who are the negative people I choose to spend my time with?

  • What are the negative sources I use for information that have a negative impact?

Energy drainers aren't always necessarily in the form of a person, this be simply from watching the news or listening to the radio. Unfortunately, we can't always shield ourselves from the negativity but, we can make our own choices when it comes to who we share our energy with. 3. Take a deep breath. Inhale positivity. Exhale the drama - with the pressures of work/life balance constantly at the forefront, sometimes it can feel like we never have time to just breathe and take a step back. Stress builds up, and at some stage, you're going to burst and get seriously burnt out. If you do feel like it's all getting too much, and that your energy is depleting, then literally take yourself away from the situation. Get outside for some fresh air, go for a walk and leave your phone at home. Having removed yourself from the situation and coming back with a clearer mindset may help you to find the optimistic perspective that is required to deal with the negativity. 4. Keep it in perspective - it's so easy to get carried away with a situation and let the drama unfold but in reality, how serious is the severity of the situation? Chances are, not a lot. It's so common to lose perspective when you are in a negative mindset but it is important to focus on the crux of the situation and remain in control.

  • Literally tell yourself to stop. I read this technique in a book my Mum gave me when I was younger and I still use it to this day. When you have a negative thought that enters your brain, simply say out loud, 'STOP' and it's as if your brain has put a block on whatever it was you were thinking of. Try it for yourself, and let me know if it works for you!

  • Breathing. No, I'm not going all yogi-bear on you but breathing and meditation is such an important tool in helping to calm your mind and body. I sit on the floor, cross-legged, and just focus on my breathing, nothing else. I place my hands on my stomach and simply focus on breathing in and out, try this for five minutes, every day and see if you notice a difference.

  • Refocus. Ask yourself the million-dollar question: will this matter in five years time? There you have your answer.

5. Don't let your fears hold you back - this is a personal favourite of mine and something I continuously work so hard to overcome. We all have moments where we doubt ourselves in our careers, relationships, but it's how you speak to yourself when you're going through those negative thoughts. One of my favourite quotes, "What if I fall?" Oh but my darling, What if you fly?' is something I think of at least once a day. Starting a new career is terrifying, and something that causes you to be constantly riddled with fear but, it's important to not allow those thoughts to consume you. Ask yourself, what is the worst that could happen? Try and try again until you don't have to.

...And there we go - something a little different from my usual skincare and beauty content but, I truly hope you enjoyed reading this. Remember, negativity breeds negativity.

You are far too amazing to be anything else but fabulous. G x #positivity #tipsforpositivity #howtoguide #mindsetiseverything #changeyourmindset #breathing #wellbeing #bloom #flowers #energydrainer #mentalhealth #focusonyou #manifestyourlife #positivitybreedspositivity

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