Are you looking for picture-perfect plumped up skin...

I may have just found what you’ve been looking for 💫

LK skincare bring you their exclusive, anti-aging daydream... and, it is definitely not too good to be true!

It’s the creamiest texture you could ever imagine and, leaves your skin feeling fully plumped and hydrated.

This multi-purpose, multi-functional day cream is the all-in-one you’ve been waiting for. It’s been intricately formulated using the most luxurious ingredients designed to plump your skin and fill in your unwanted lines.

Not only does it provide you with endless hydration and supple skin, it also doubles up as your moisturiser AND eye cream... it’s the city girls best kept secret!

I’ve had the huge pleasure in collaborating with the founder of LK skincare and wanted to find out how and why their brand came to light.

Founders, Leila and Kate found that there wasn’t a market for lotions and potions that were reasonably priced AND promised to deliver what it said on the packaging so, they created LK skincare.

They knew they wanted to create a brand that delivered excellence. A range of products that actually delivered what they marketed in producing natural, plumping and anti-ageing facial products.

They firstly began endlessly searching for ingredients that do just that. It was there they discovered the two sought after ingredients of Kigelia and Commiphora; natural plant based extracts from South Africa.

Both these ingredients combined are designed to breakdown the fat in our cells to help create a youthful appearance, plumps our skin from within leaving skin looking smoother and tighter and, helps to eliminate imperfections by naturally reducing the appearance of acne scarring and pigmentation.

Once their magical ingredients were sourced, they began to formulate and mix a beautiful concoction of 12 perfectly balanced ingredients to bring you a natural skincare range packed FULL of all the skin-loving ingredients that works wonders as well!

LK skincare truly believe in delivering brilliance and luxury in their products which they achieve every single time.

‘Anti-ageing skincare that actually delivers on its promises to make you look younger!’

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