Adios, acne

Its funny looking back on the face {pictured left} as now, a year on, I don't know why I let my skin define who I was or made me feel so inadequate. I was lucky during my teens/early adulthood as aside from getting the odd hormonal spot, I’d never really suffered with my skin. We flash forward a couple of years; I’m 25, its the global pandemic and my skin is a visual representation of our sh*t show of a year! Happy days.

I remember it so clearly. I quite literally woke up one morning to the whole left side of my face just covered with red blotches. A few days passed, and there was still no let up. At this point, the blotches had formed into spots and they were just all over my face. This lasted for about four months all in all.

I tried everything; cutting out and eliminating certain foods such as dairy, wheat, meat and sugar. I tried rubbing vinegar on my skin {as I was told this would burn off the spots? WTF!) I changed up my whole skincare routine about twenty billion times and used so many different acids on my face that my poor skin was just screaming out for me to stop. At this point, I had never felt so low or lacking in confidence in my life. I would stay cooped up in my bedroom for days in end as I was just too embarrassed to even show my family. I would never leave the house without having pollyfilla’d my face (layers upon layers of foundation) to even take my dog for a walk. I would cancel plans on my friends as it had gotten to the point where I had such little confidence and felt no enjoyment for life.

It was then that I thought I needed professional help. My mental health was at an all time low, I had completely lost who ’Gaby’ was and much to my dismay, no amount of green goddess smoothies or bathing in tea tree was going to magically cure my skin.

I contacted my GP who had referred me to a dermatologist. It was something I was so sceptical of and I couldn’t help but feel slightly ashamed that I wasn’t able to help my skin myself. Well, boy was I wrong. Jenny* was fantastic. She listened to my sob story, explained to me how acne is formed, the potential causes and how to treat the infection. I’d heard horror stories of friends being prescribed steroids and royally messing up not only their skin, but their hormones, weight and even fertility. After raising my concerns, I was prescribed Lymecycline - an antibiotic specifically given to treat acne. I was given a two month course to take alongside a treatment gel Acnecide (benzoyl peroxide 5%) both these products worked in conjunction with each other and pretty much within two weeks, I saw a vast improvement. My skin wasn’t as angry and red anymore, the pain had reduced by about 50% and I was beginning to see the actual sizing of the cysts reduce daily. {pictured right} This is my skin a whole year on and every single day I wake up grateful that my skin is now happy again. It’s fair to say that I have been left with a fair amount of scarring from my acne. This is where my passion for skincare really started. I’ve done so much research on ingredients that naturally reduce the appearance of scarring and help with keeping clogged pores at bay.

I will be doing another post in the next couple of days about the specific products I use and have become my own guinea pig for trying and testing various products!

My story is something I’ve wanted to share for a while now as it was important for me to show why I started.

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