360 botanics full product review ✨

I was very kindly given the opportunity to try this gorgeous set from @360botanics; a natural, vegan friendly skincare and wellness product range, based in Sussex.

Their formulas combine organic and natural botanical ingredients, with a mixture of essential oils to balance and heal both body, and mind.

I was gifted their purity cleansing oil, pink clay mask and wonder balm in exchange for a full product review. For the record, I had SO much fun trying out these products and my skin absolutely loved them.✨

So, without further a do... let’s get to the nitty gritty!

P U R I T Y cleansing oil

What does it do? It’s designed to give your pores a deep cleanse which keep your skin hydrated and refreshed.

Key ingredients: castor, juniper and lemon oil working together to help your skin to achieve a more brightened and uplifted look.

The review: I’ve been using this product religiously for the past nine days, incorporating this into my AM and PM routine as my second cleanse. Having acne prone/oily skin, I am so mindful about what ingredients I put on my face but my skin is always left feeling thoroughly cleansed and so soft. I feel like it really gets into my pores and gets rid of all congestion and impurities. Aside from the benefits it’s had on my skin, it also smells incredible and feels like you’ve been transported to an exotic spa!

✨ P I N K • C L A Y mask

What does it do? Pink clay helps to strengthen, rejuvenate and purify the skin, leaving you with tighter pores and a brighter complexion. {winning!}

Key ingredients: With the combination of apricot fruit powder and palmarosa oil, both ingredients help to promote tissue regeneration and help balance and calm your skin.

The review: 360 recommend to use this once a week but my skin loved it SO much the first time round that I’ve actually used it twice in one week! Well, where do I begin? It comes in powder form which I combined with agave nectar to create a thick paste like consistency, and leave on for a maximum of 10 minutes. Wow, the difference it makes to my skin in such a small amount of time is incredible. Its application is so smooth and doesn’t feel drying or ‘cakey’. It’s remarkable how you can actually feel the pink clay drawing out any impurities from your pores. Once the 10 minutes are up, you are left with the most glowing and supple skin. My skin has never been softer or healthier; it’s the best working face mask I’ve ever used!

✨ W O N D E R balm

What does it do? This magic balm is a miracle multi-purpose gentle healing balm designed to heal a multitude of skin problems from acne, eczema, scarring and other skin irritants.

Key ingredients: Hempseed, jojoba and tea tree oil are used in this pot of gold to help your skin heal itself. Just like magic!

The review: As you can imagine, whenever I see a product that has ‘heals acne and acne scarring’ on the label, I’m always so sceptical as I can’t believe one sole product can help cure angry skin. However, I have used this product consistently for the past four days as I have a small hormonal breakout on my chin and I can see a huge difference in the redness and irritation of the outbreak. It’s incredible how quickly and effectively this magic balm has worked!

I use it after my moisturiser so it’s the last product that’s used on my face in my PM routine and I will never look back! Acne scarring, spots, you name it, this is the magic product you’ve been waiting for!


*all views are entirely my own from the experience of having used the products myself.

I hope you enjoyed reading this- let me know your thoughts! G x

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