I'm Gabriela, a 20-something {lifestyle} blogger based in South-East England. 'A' is for acne was founded in 2020, during the global pandemic {ahh, good times} and, after suddenly developing cystic adult-acne. Hoorah for me.
My initial intention was to set up an Instagram account to document my skin journey, form a community with those who had endured similar experiences and, to hopefully find some sort of miracle cure to combat my acne.
Of course, miracles don't always happen however, fast forward a few months and after tons of trials and tribulations {which I discuss in my blog post 'Adios acne'} my skin is happy again!
My aim of this platform is to 'normalise' what we consider to be our imperfections. The 'insta-worthy, flawless skin, not a pore in sight' person you see on your Instagram feed, making you feel insecure and inadequate {sounds familiar, right?} is not real. They don't even look like that. That, is a combination of the 'luminous' filter and filler, my friend!
I used to invest so much time into what others thought of me: friends, acquaintances, even complete strangers, and for what, to make them happy? However, I can confidently say {acne scars and all!} that I have never been happier in my own skin and no longer feel the need or urge to compare myself to others and, I hope I can help to steer you in the right direction so you can feel the same.
'A' is for acne is place for me to share my experiences with you, from skincare guidance that I've picked up along the way, product reviews, beauty hacks, lifestyle content and, everything in between! I love people and making new connections so if you are a brand, business or just wishing to reach out, I would always be delighted to collaborate and continue to grow our community.
My door is always open {virtually} so if you would like to get in touch, please find my details on the 'contact' tab or email me: aisforacne@hotmail.com
I look forward to hearing from you! Gabriela xx

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